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Captain Sir Tom Moore has passed, but WM Police honour him in most amazing way

captain tom moore and police puppy dog-sad
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Captain Sir Tom Moore sadly passed away yesterday following a short battle with Covid-19. The entire nation is in mourning after losing their inspiring hero. 

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 03/02/2021, 10:35, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Captain Tom Moore was made famous just a few months ago when he walked to raise money for the NHS who has been working around the clock during the pandemic.

Through his inspiring actions, he became an overnight national hero, and was even knighted by the Queen. Sir Tom became so popular in fact, that West Midlands Police even named a new recruit after him.


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Police puppy named after Captain Tom Moore

Back in April, West Midlands Police welcomed a new member in their team: an adorable Dutch Shepherd puppy from Yorkshire, born and raised.

The force held an online vote to let the public pick out the dog’s name – and an overwhelming majority understandably chose the name “Captain Tom Moore”.

Meet Captain Tom Moore! Our new police dog

šŸ¾ Meet Captain Tom Moore! Our new police dog named in honour of the iconic NHS fundraiser following your nominations. šŸ’™ The 99-year-old war veteran was the overwhelming favourite during our online vote to name some of our newest pups after #NHSHeroes. Our Capt Tom is a Dutch Herder who was specially chosen to share the name due to his dad being a police dog in Hampshire and Thames Valley... and having Yorkshire roots just like the soon-to-be centenarian. The two-month-old pup will now go through our world renowned puppy development programme with a view to being fully operational next year. We’re hoping the new recruit - who will be affectionately known as Tommy - will also make a big difference to help others in future. Chief Instructor Dave Hibbert, from our Dog Section said: "A massive thank you to everyone who voted and put names forward for our NHS litter. "Quite understandably we had an absolutely overwhelming majority winner.. and that was the name suggestion of Capt Tom Moore. "As an organisation we wanted to honour the fantastic work he has done, raising more than £25 million for our NHS. "We’ve specially picked the pup to name Capt Tom Moore due to his dad being born and bred in Yorkshire, and a police dog covering the Hampshire and Thames Valley force areas. "We’re hoping our little Tommy has that Yorkshire spirit and follows in the fantastic work that Capt Tom has done." We'll be revealing the names of our other young #NHS Heroes pups tomorrow. šŸ¶

Posted by West Midlands Police on Sunday, April 26, 2020

Honouring Captain Sir Tom Moore

The pup is now around a year old and is still in training. Affectionately called “Tommy”, his handlers believe he will live up to the name, even though he does have big shoes to fill.

Our hearts and thoughts are with Captain Sir Tom Moore’s friends and family today. Thank you for everything Sir Tom!

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