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Corgi breaks social distancing rules in the most adorable way

Corgi dog hugs Labrador dog-happy
© Kristina Holovach - Shutterstock

Adorable Corgi, Wallace, has seen how much we’re all struggling with lockdown and has decided to give all his puppy pals hugs on our behalf. Thanks Wallace!

By Natasha James

Published on the 18/02/2021, 21:00

Wallace the Corgi loves to hug. Whenever he’s out on his daily walks and he spots one of his pals, he gives them the biggest bear hugs.

We can’t do the same yet but we can live vicariously through little Wallace.

Canine cuddles

It seems that when Wallace spots a dog he knows, he makes sure to give them a polite sniff first to check that they’re okay and then launches into the sweetest of hugs.

His owners told Bored Panda,

“He loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses.. but ONLY hugs his friends and family!”

His little cousin Milo is a Cavapoo and because Milo is a little shy, he only gives her kisses.

Size is no object for little dog

And it seems size is no object for Wallace who will happily stand on his hind legs and hug the larger breeds.

Unsurprisingly, Wallace has his own Instagram account and he’s gained quite the following of dog lovers who love to check out his antics.

Normal life may be a while away yet but in the meantime, we can watch little Wallace hugging his pals and pretend we’re doing the same.

Thank you for your service, Wallace!