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Police can't believe what they find next to capsized boat 11 hours after wreck

A German Shepherd dog alongside a capsized boat dog-wow
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Dogs are the best. This loyal pup stayed by her owner’s side for 11 hours after their boat capsized whilst out at sea, even though she could have swum to shore.

By Natasha James

Published on the 27/02/2021, 21:00

We know dogs are loyal. We know most of them would do anything for their owners. But this pup took things to the next level when she stayed in the water by her owner’s side for a whopping 11 hours.

In Moreton Bay, Queensland, local police were alerted to news of a capsized boat.

A loyal pup

They headed out into the water and found a German Shepherd pup, a wetsuit and a fishing tackle box. Much to the dog's displeasure, the police rescued the pup and took her to the nearest vets but they could tell by her reaction that this wasn’t the end of the story.

It turns out that the loyal GSD, named Heidi, had been shipwrecked with her owner some 11 hours earlier and, despite being able to swim, had stayed in the water.

Hours later her owner was found, clinging to the wreckage of his boat, frightened but otherwise alive and well.

A happy ending for dog and owner

The owner informed the police that they’d run into trouble hours earlier when their boat had started taking on water. It seems that loyal Heidi had stayed by her owner’s side for as long as she possibly could.

The two were reunited once they’d both been given a clean bill of health.

We’re delighted that both Heidi and her owner are safe and well.

We really don’t deserve dogs!

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