Netflix dog training show sparks fury: Should these methods really be used?

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Netflix documentary Canine Intervention has been slammed by dog lovers who accuse the main dog trainer in the show of using inhumane training techniques.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 02/02/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 15:58

A new show on Netflix, Canine Intervention, follows a dog trainer's unique approach to dog training. It has sparked a furious row among dog lovers, and the show hasn't even aired yet.

Dog lovers have accused the show's use of electric shock, prong and choke collars as inhumane and even barbaric, leading some to start a petition to get the show banned.

Canine Intervention said to use controversial techniques

Canine Intervention is a brand new series coming to Netflix on 24th February. It stars animal trainer, Jas Leverette, who has a unique approach to helping dogs with behavioural issues.

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While the series itself may not have hit our screens yet, the trailer has, and promises viewers that Jas Leverette can help any dog with behavioural problems. It shows the trainer explaining that a dog's behaviour problems are not the animal's fault but the owners. 

Canine Intervention | Trailer

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Posted by Netflix on Thursday, January 28, 2021

However, just the trailer has been enough to spark a furious row over the controversial dog training techniques Jas Leverette uses. But while Netflix has dropped the trailer, the streaming service still plans to begin airing the series later this month.

Online row caused by Canine Intervention Netflix show

Many dog lovers have turned to social media platforms to share their concerns over the show. Some have claimed that choke, prong and electric shock collars are inhumane, outdated and not effective animal training methods. Meanwhile, others accuse the docuseries of "spreading lies and misinformation about dog behaviour" and urge the streaming service to cancel the series.

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However, not every dog lover thinks the series should be banned. Some believe the techniques used by Jas Leverette are extremely effective and don't cause any harm to the dog. One dog owner commented that he'd tested out his dogs' electric and prong collars on himself and they didn't hurt.

Just over 24,890 people have so far signed the petition to cancel Canine Intervention.

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