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Mum finds toddler on the floor, checks baby cam and is shocked at what she sees

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Ever since he was born, little Finn Knudston and his Boxer dog have been inseparable, but no one realised just how far young Finn would go to be by his dog's side.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 16/02/2021, 22:00

Two-year-old Finn Knudston was born with a heart defect that needed a life-saving operation. From the moment Finn was finally allowed home from the hospital, Brutus the Boxer has been there to watch over him. 

As Finn has grown, the pair have become inseparable, always by each other's side. But what Finn's mum didn't expect was that this would also extend to sharing a bed!

Best friend sleepover

Finn and Brutus share a bedroom, but the pair have separate beds. However, Paige, Finn's mum, had noticed that most mornings, the toddler would wake up on the floor in Brutus' bed.

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Finn had moved into his big bed about a month before. At the same time, Brutus began to sleep by the bed as if he was worried that the toddler might roll out. However, Finn started getting out of bed during the night and sleeping on the floor. Brutus then moved next to him to sleep and eventually a dog bed was put in the room for him.

Somehow this progressed to Finn actually sleeping in Brutus' bed! Curious as to see just how her son ends up in bed with Brutus, Paige set up a camera in the pair's bedroom, and she couldn't believe what she discovered.

Adorable duo

Paige and her husband decided to set up the camera in Finn's bedroom to see what happened before and after the toddler climbed in with his canine pal. Paige streamed the footage to her phone in real-time and watched as he untucked himself and lay down with Brutus.

The video, which Paige shared online, shows Finn appearing to wait for the light to go out. Once everything is dark, the little boy quietly sneaks out of his bed and over to his canine best friend's basket. Finn climbs in with Brutus and tests out several different positions to get comfortable. Despite his bedfellows fidgeting and squirming, Brutus barely moves. The kind canine appears to remain asleep throughout.

Paige believes that Brutus began sleeping next to Finn because he understands that the boy needed extra protection because of his heart problems. 

Watch the adorable clip below:

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