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Dog lovers in mourning as World's Tallest Dog, Freddy, dies at age 8

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The tallest dog in the world, a Great Dane named Freddy, stood an incredible 7 feet when on his hind legs. He sadly passed away two days ago at age 8 and a half.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 29/01/2021, 14:15, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Freddy’s heartbroken family posted a simple message of mourning on his Instagram:

“He was my world. My heart Dane. The bestest biggest boy ever and loved his followers so much. There’s a hole that can’t be filled. Fly high my amazing big brave boy.”

World’s Tallest Dog

Freddy was born in 2012. During the first few months of his life, no one thought he would one day become famous for his size. In fact, as a puppy, he was a picky eater and grew more slowly than other dogs of his breed.

But once Freddy did start growing, he didn’t stop. He wowed everyone in 2017 when he was crowned the world’s tallest living dog. At 5 years old, Freddy stood at 1.03 meters tall at the withers, and 2.26 meters tall on his hind legs!


R.I.P. Freddy A Great Dane who found international fame when he was named the tallest living male dog in the world has died at the age of eight and a half.

Posted by AreaK9 on Thursday, January 28, 2021

World’s Oldest Great Dane

Freddy broke yet another record in the summer of 2020 when he turned 8 years old – World’s Oldest Great Dane. 

Sadly, Great Danes are one of the shortest-lived breeds in the world. Many of their health problems, including bloat and hip dysplasia, are related to their size. It is rare to see a Great Dane live past the age of 10.

So it is fair to say that Freddy lived a long life, and what a life it was! RIP Freddy, you will be missed.

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