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Watch: Cute moment when lovestruck pooch ‘meets’ his dream girl

Golden Retriever watching TV dog-happy
© goldengirl_xena - Instagram

A Golden Retriever got a shot of puppy love after seeing a lady Goldie strutting her sweet stuff on a TV show. Now some people are trying to unite the cute pair!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 14/02/2021, 20:00

Finn the Golden Retriever wasn't looking for love. He enjoyed sniffing the single ladies at the dog park. There's no doubt about that. But at the end of the day, he was happy living the luxurious life of a well-pampered bachelor pooch. 

But Cupid's arrow always strikes when you least expect. For Finn, it came flying down from the clouds as he sat watching TV with his dog mum. The pair were enjoying a dog show when a well-groomed female Goldie strutted into the picture. 

Cupids arrow strikes

And that was it for lovestruck Finn. His ears pricked up, his tail started wagging, and he ran toward the screen to get a better look at the furry beauty!

Finn's mum, who goes by the username Goldengirl_Xena, shared the adorable moment on Instagram. The short clip received over 130k likes and hundreds of comments from would-be matchmakers. 

"He caught some feelings," posted one viewer. "We gotta help my man find his love."

"WE HAVE TO FIND HER,"  posted another. 

The sweet smell of dog love

Finn is still waiting to meet his dream girl, although he isn't showing too many signs of heartache. For one thing, Finn is gobbling up treats like usual.

How can I tell if a dog likes me?

And he still chases the ladies as soon as mum lets him off the leash. But we know there's really only one girl on the end of Finn's nose.