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Henry Cavill’s love for his dog is the cutest thing you’ll see today

Actor Henry Cavill and dog Kal dog-happy
© henrycavill - Instagram

VIP parties, swanky restaurants, first-class travel - life looks very glamorous for the A-list Hollywood set but for actor Henry Cavill, nothing beats his dog, Kal.

By Natasha James

Published on the 15/02/2021, 21:00

Dogs are pretty magical. Whether you’re flying high from an amazing day or you’re in the dumps after another day in lockdown, an enthusiastic tail wag and happy greeting can make everything better.

And, it seems that this applies even if you live the jet-set lifestyle of a Hollywood A-lister as Henry Cavill shows.


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An A-list star

Cavill’s career is going from strength to strength. As well as playing Superman in the DC films, he also plays Sherlock Holmes in the hit Netflix show, Enola and Geralt of the Rivia in The Witcher.

You’d think with a career like that he’d barely have time for a home life but Cavill makes sure to lavish his dog Kal with plenty of attention.

Kal is an American Akita. He acts as Henry’s therapy dog and accompanies him almost everywhere he goes.

A social star

Cavill’s Instagram account is awash with pics of his favourite pup who he describes as “The incomparable Kal.”

Last Valentine’s Day, the heartthrob even posted a pic of his pup with a single red rose. We’re not sure who’s making us swoon more!

It seems that no matter who you are or how much external success you achieve, there’s nothing that beats having a loving pup to come home to. 


A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill)

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