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Family gets huge surprise when they see what their Lab dug up in the garden

Labrador walks through vegetable patch dog-wow
© ViralHog - YouTube

Most dogs will eat just about anything that falls in front of them. Others, like this Labrador, are so into their organic veg, they’ll go into the garden and dig it up!

By Natasha James

Published on the 13/02/2021, 21:00

Buddy the Labrador would often disappear into the garden and come back with muddy paws and a muddy snout. His owners didn’t think much of it, until they realised their organic carrot yield was getting much smaller.

With an inkling of what might be going on, his owners decided to secretly follow him into the garden on one of his veggie jaunts. Luckily for us, they caught the moment on camera!

Caught in the act!

In the video, we see Buddy sitting nonchalantly in the vegetable patch. When his owner calls him, he dutifully gets up and trots over but all is not as it seems. It turns out that Buddy has contraband goods on board!

The funny dog stands there, covered in mud, while his owner retrieves the baby carrot from his mouth.

A very healthy snack

Carrots are full of nutrients and are great for dogs. They also act as a great teeth cleaner and can promote good dental hygiene in pups.

Read our article on Can my dog eat carrots? for more.

We think Buddy is a foodie connoisseur  and very much deserves his healthy snacks but maybe his owners should aim to grow a fresh batch for themselves somewhere else!

Watch the adorable video here:

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