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WATCH: Kind-hearted Boxer helps struggling blind dog down the stairs

Boxer dog on beach dog-happy
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In a clip that will melt your heart, a wonderfully kind and thoughtful Boxer dog shows the world just how to be a true friend to someone right when they need it.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 12/02/2021, 21:00

There's a reason why dogs make great support animals. They are not only clever but also have such big hearts. Dogs could teach us humans a thing or two about love, patience, and selflessness.

Dogs will do anything for their those they love, whether human or four-legged. Like Dexter, the Boxer dog shows, they will even be someone else's eyes.

Brotherly love

Dexter has gone viral for his enduring act of love and selflessness towards his blind canine sibling, Ginger. The clever and kind-hearted dog has worked out the best way to help his blind sibling get down the stairs without tripping or falling.

Using his body and the wall at one side, Dexter provides a safe space for Ginger to descend each step one at a time. Dexter pauses on each step ahead of Ginger and waits patiently for his pup brother to step down before he moves to the next one. Dexter repeatedly looks back to reassure Ginger, and once the pair safely reach the bottom, they both wag their tails in happiness.

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Just the Two of Us

The heartwarming clip is appropriately set to the Grover Washington, Jr song, 'Just the Two of Us', and has been watched more than 4 million times.

While many of the viewers admit the clip brought them to tears, others agreed that humans "don't deserve dogs". One TikToker went on to share their own experience of having a blind and deaf dog who would be helped by their other pup to avoid bumping into things. It's just another reason to love dogs!