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Watch: Cat has hilarious reaction to seeing snow for the first time

Cat playing in snow cat-happy
© reddit - SegaDog

We all love snow days. But can you remember the first time you looked outside on a world that looked like a Xmas fairytale? No? Then this cat video might jog your memory!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 29/01/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

The short video, which appeared on social media site Reddit earlier this month, shows a kitty's first encounter with snow. 

As you can imagine, the little kitty seems pretty confused at first. But it eventually plucks up the courage to see what all this white stuff is about. However, a quick shock follows when paw meets freezing snow! 

First-ever snow day

But this brave little guy isn't deterred and decides to venture a little further into the winter wonderland. And by a winter wonderland, we mean a back garden covered in freshly fallen snow. But hey, that must look pretty amazing to a cat who's never seen snow before.

The short clip, posted by Reddit User SegaDog, received over 30,000 likes in less than 24hours. And it got plenty of comments from viewers who just couldn't get enough of the cuteness. 

"That initial reaction got me," posted one person. "It's like the cat said, "dude wtf, this feels weird.' Hilarious."

Snow days equal play days

And this playful cat isn't the first feline to have an unexpected reaction to this year's snowfalls. Another recent video that went viral shows a cat going into full-on zoomie mood in three feet snow. And the thicker the snowfall, the more he wants to go out and play. 

So it looks like not all cats are content with a snug spot next to a warm radiator!