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Owner astonished to find out how his dog got stuck on the roof

Golden Retriever climbs ladder dog-wow
© vincematteson - Instagram

The owner of an adorable Golden Retriever was stunned to find his pup on the roof of his house. Thankfully, he captured the moment on his security camera.

By Natasha James

Published on the 28/01/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Vince Matteson, a dog owner from Portland, Oregon, started his day in a pretty typical way for early January, by taking the Christmas lights down from the roof of his house.

What happened next though was not quite so run of the mill…

Quite the sight

As Mr Matteson calmly detached the lights, confident that he was alone, he felt a presence over his shoulder. When he turned, he was flabbergasted to find his Golden Retriever, Ace, up there on the roof beside him.

Matterson scooped the dog up and gingerly clambered back down the ladders he’d come up, careful not to overbalance and drop the pup.

Caught on camera

He immediately rushed to his security footage to see just how the pup had got there and sure enough, the film shows Ace slowly climbing up the ladder, paw by paw, completely unaided. His brother Bo sits guard at the moment, not quite brave enough to join daredevil Ace.

The adorable footage shows Ace’s shadow once he’s climbed to the top of the roof, we see a pause before a tail wag and Ace happily bounding toward his owner.

The shocked owner shared the video to his Instagram and TikTok pages and unsurprisingly, they’re quite the internet sensation!

Take a look:

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