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Cat turns up at train station at 10.40pm every evening for the sweetest reason

cat standing next to train in the snow cat-wow
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Staraya Russa is a small town in Western Russia which rarely makes the headlines, but that’s all about to change thanks to the antics of a rather adorable cat.

By Natasha James

Published on the 09/02/2021, 21:00

In an ordinary train station, in an ordinary town, one cat is determined to make an impact.

At around 10.40pm, the passenger train from Moscow to Pskov pulls in at the station. It’s a long old journey that traverses much of Russia’s vast landscape and this unassuming station, is about two-thirds of the way along it.

Nothing out of the ordinary here...

So far so normal. But, it seems that not everyone thinks this train journey is boring because one black and white kitty never misses it.

It seems that this little cat, who locals have affectionately named Felix, has realised that this train is his meal ticket, literally. Yes, every evening without fail, Felix shows up in time for the train to pull into the station to receive his cat treat.

A daily treat for Felix

No matter who’s working and who’s in charge, the train conductor knows that Felix will be waiting. Whether it’s chicken, tuna or ham, Felix knows it’s coming and never misses his daily treat.

We’re sure someone will make a film all about this little cat one day and we’ll be first in line to watch it!

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