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Retired police dog starts crying with joy when she sees her former handler again

german shepherd in street with handler dog-happy
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This is the wonderfully heartwarming moment a retired police sniffer dog in China has an emotional reunion with her former handler who she's not seen in years.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 28/01/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Wangwang is a lovely eight-year-old German Shepherd dog who worked as police sniffer dog at security checkpoints in Xichuan county in Henan province, central China. After she retired in June 2019, Wangwang found a forever home with a loving family.

However, it did mean that she would have to separate from her handler who she'd grown very close to.

Surprise visitor 

After being apart from each other for a couple of years, Wangwang's former handler decided to surprise his four-legged friend when he was on patrol in the area near Wangwang's home.

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Standing outside Wangwang's home, the police officer called out for her. Remarkably, despite the time apart, Wangwang instantly recognised her former handler's voice. The excited pup ran outside and straight into the man's arms.

Emotional reunion 

Wangwang was so delighted to see her old friend she appeared to be crying. Photos of the reunion show tears in the dog's eyes as she refuses to let go of her old friend.


German Sheperd Dog greets former handler belly up! And Cries!!! Dogs-Loyalty and Unconditional...

Posted by Fabmanilaph on Sunday, January 10, 2021

While it's clear how much Wangwang adores her former handler, she could not stay with him after retirement as officers don't have the time to dedicate to caring for retired dogs. Xichuan Police prefer to place the dogs with a family to ensure the pups can enjoy the happy retirement they deserve. 

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