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Katy Perry sparks huge online row after revealing she's turning her dog vegan

Katy Perry and dog Nugget dog-wow
© Katy Perry Media - Twitter

Katy Perry has sparked a huge debate among her Twitter followers after the pop singer announced she plans to go vegan and so will her little dog Nugget.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 22/01/2021, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

There's nothing new about a celebrity taking to social media announcing a radical diet change.

But when singer Katy Perry shared the news that not only is she almost ready to be vegan, her micro teacup Poodle called Nugget will be joining her, it sparked furious debate.

Controversial comment

Katy's announcement proved very contentious, with many of her Twitter followers telling the singer it's cruel not to give dog meat in their doggy diet. As one of her followers posted that she hoped Ms Perry had just meant the dog was joining her for emotional support another simply told the singer that dogs are carnivores and cannot be vegan. 

However, not all of the popstar's followers were quick to criticise. One of her followers said that they believed dogs could safely follow a herbivorous diet, and switching a dog's meat for plant-based food could greatly improve a dog's health.

Katy is engaged to British actor Orlando Bloom, and the pair are known to be huge animal lovers.

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Canine carnivore or vegan pup?

Katy Perry is not the first famous name to spark outrage after announcing they were switching their dog to a vegan diet. Last year, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, a vegan, shared that he has put his English Bulldog named Roscoe, on a plant-based diet. He said at the time that eating vegan had healed Roscoe's swollen paws and made his fur softer.

It's generally not recommended to put your dog on a vegan diet. The British Veterinary Association say that while it is possible to put a dog on a vegan diet, dogs need a nutritionally balanced diet. Any owners considering changing their pup's diet should first speak to their vet for advice.

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