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Meet the adorable two-faced cat that’s become an internet sensation

Face of a chimera cat cat-wow
© yanatwofacecat - Instagram

A very cute two-faced cat has won over an army of online fans thanks to her unique and striking facial markings that make her look like two cats in one.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 07/02/2021, 21:00

For most people, it’s not a good thing to be described as two-faced.

But for little Yana the cat, it’s a very accurate description of the moggy, and it has turned her into a social media sensation.

Meet Yana

Yana is a rather unique cat. In fact, she looks as if she’s two cats in one – a black cat and a ginger cat

It may look as if she’s been photoshopped, but thanks to her special genetic makeup, one half of Yana’s face is ginger, and the other is jet black. The moggy’s striking looks result from two embryos fusing together in her mother’s tummy, causing her to have two different coat colours that make her a chimera cat.

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Social media star

Yana began to wow the internet soon after Elizabeth, a cat lover in Belarus, adopted her. Elizabeth had spotted an online advert looking to rehome the cat and couldn’t resist the kitty’s unique looks.

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Elizabeth loves sharing photos of her beloved feline friend and created an Instagram account for the pawsome puss that has now reached an incredible 89,000 followers! Elizabeth regularly posts pictures and videos of Yana playing, relaxing, eating and even the occasional snap of her dressing up. In one photo, you can see Yana as a tiny kitten sitting in between her parents – one is black and the other is ginger!

Yana is a cat who knows how to stand out from the crowd!