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Attention dog owners: Vital new UK lockdown guidance just released

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As we enter yet another week of lockdown, the UK government has issued some updated and welcome news for pet owners everywhere. Read on to learn what's permitted.

By Natasha James

Published on the 19/01/2021, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

When the government announced that we were only to leave the house once per day, many dog owners questioned how on earth they could stick to the rules and keep their pup happy.

It turns out that however smart and well-behaved our pups are, the Covid-19 lockdown rules go a little over their heads.

A welcome announcement

If you’ve been desperately trying to teach Fido to use the toilet during this third UK lockdown then good news, the government has recognised that leaving the house once per day simply isn’t an option for many dog owners.

The previous guidance unfairly penalised owners that lived alone, while dogs from multiple occupancy households had many more opportuities to leave the house.

So, where do we stand now?

2021 lockdown guidance for dog owners

  • You are permitted to leave the house more than once per day if your dog needs to be walked – walks should still be limited where possible though.
  • Dog owners should not travel outside their local area.
  • If you are self-isolating, aim to use garden for exercise and toilet trips where possible.
  • A pal may walk your dog but they must follow this government advice for pet owners.

Welcome news for dog owners - now to tell our pups that the dog park beckons!

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