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Meet the pooch crowned 2020’s most beautiful dog

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© westminsterkennelclub - Instagram

A Standard Poodle called Siba can proudly call herself America's top canine after she was named 'Best in Show' at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club competition.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 17/01/2021, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Every proud owner thinks their dog is the best pooch in the world - and so they should!  But dog handler Chrystal Murray-Clas has got the paperwork (and a nice shiny trophy) that 'proves' her pup really is the top dog.

And that's because her furry friend, a well-groomed Poodle named Siba, took home the biggest prize of all from last year's Westminster Kennel Club competition. Attended by over 2500 dogs from  19 countries, the Westminster competition is one of the stand-out events on the dog show calendar. 

Siba sees off her rivals

The competition was fierce, and Siba had to see off big challenges from her furry rivals. They included Bono the Havanese and a chunky little Bulldog called Thor. 

As well as getting lots of praise, Siba was treated to a celebratory lunch at the exclusive Sardi's restaurant following her victory.

She then embarked on a national media tour, giving her the chance to lap up some well-deserved belly rubs and "good girls!"

A natural-born star

This was the fifth time a Poodle scooped the Best in Show award. But despite the pressure of following in those illustrious paw-steps, Siba seems to be taking her new celeb status in stride.

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In fact, her handler thinks Siba was born for the big stage. 

Speaking to reporters, Chrystal Murray-Clas said, "She's beautiful. She had that something extra at a young age."

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