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Woman expecting a delivery is shocked by what turns up outside her front door

Dogs waiting by door dog-wow
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A stroke of luck helped reunite a distraught owner with their two giant fur babies after the wandering pooches turned up at the wrong house at just the right time!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 24/01/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Leah Van Well was expecting a delivery. But when she finally got home from work, she found two extra surprises waiting for her by the door - a pair of Malamutes!

But where had these mystery furballs come from? Leah checked her Smart Ring Video Doorbell to find out. 

An accidental hero

Footage shows the two dogs turning up at Leah's house at the same time as the delivery man. And thinking this is where the dogs lived, the inadvertent hero closed the gate behind him, keeping the pups locked safely in Leah's porch area. Now that's good timing!

Leah then contacted the dog's very relieved owners, who came to collect their missing pups shortly after.

How to prevent your dog from escaping your home

Leah shared the footage on the popular Facebook page Dogspotting, along with this post: 

"We received a very unexpected delivery yesterday! I called the number on their collars, and their parents picked them up shortly after. Our deliverers' timing could not have been more perfect!"

The wrong place at the right time!

The post received almost 9k likes and hundreds of comments, with many people expressing an interest in this new 'deliver a doggy' service.

"How do I order two giant floofs? I need two...actually, maybe four," posted one person.

"I clearly need to order from where you did! I love that those fluffs waltzed right in like they belonged there," wrote another.