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Corgi struggles to get on sofa until his owner has this brilliant idea

Corgi on own mini sofa dog-happy
© gin.and.tonicc - Instagram

For every problem, there’s a solution. And this little Corgi is lucky enough to have a loving owner who found the perfect way to solve the challenge he was facing.

By Natasha James

Published on the 01/02/2021, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Tonic is a Corgi dog who shares his life with his little brother Gin (yep, they’re Gin and Tonic). And, like all Corgis, the little fellow is friendly, affectionate and much loved by his family.

But, Tonic had a problem; his favourite place in the whole world is the couch but due to his, ahem, limited appendages he struggles to get up.

No jump pup

That’s right Tonic is a pup who simply can’t jump. Of course, his owners would regularly lift Tonic onto the sofa so that he could get comfy but when they weren’t around, he was confined to the floor.

Tonic did not take this lightly and despite his shortcomings could often be found standing at the sofa in the hopes of a lift. Until, that is, his owners came up with this brilliant idea…

This one's just right

…to make a sofa that was the perfect fit for Tonic.

The very comfy looking sofa has legs as short as Tonic’s so the little fella could simply step on and cosy up. So simple and so effective.

Owner Serena shared the pic to her Facebook page and had hundreds of likes and comments. There might be a business in it. Serena, over to you!

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