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Watch: speedy pup ‘sleighs’ owner in downhill snow race

Dog playing in snow dog-happy
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A tiny Jack Russell proved he could give all the big dogs a run for their money after the pooch 'beat' his human owner in a downhill sledge race earlier this month!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 02/01/2021, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

With those stumpy legs and compact little body, the Jack Russell doesn't look like the most athletic breed. But as any Jack Russell owner will tell you, never underestimate these feisty characters!

And so when Danil Vasilyev, 22, challenged his pup Ram to a downhill sledge race, there was only ever going to be one winner! In fact, the little pup absolutely destroyed his owner. Some people are even saying that Ram 'sleighed' it! 

Ready, Steady, Go!

The race happened in Cheboksary, Russia, following a Christmas snowfall earlier this monthDanil filmed the action before sharing it on TikTok.  

The short clip starts with the pair waiting at the top of the hill. Danil then pushes himself off in the sledge, hoping to gain a quick advantage. But he's no match for Ram, who uses all four of his legs to power into an early lead. 

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As the finish line approaches, Ram appears to slow down. Is the puppy running out of steam? No chance! Because as soon as Danil draws alongside, Ram strides off again to victory.

Ram goes home with the gold

The clip now has over two million views and thousands of comments.

 "He's not running; he's flying," posted one viewer.

 "I still don't understand how Jack Russell terriers can move their little legs so fast," wrote another. 

Despite their tiny legs, Jack Russells can hit speeds of up to 35mph over short distances. So sledge or no sledge, Danil was one human who never stood a chance!

Dog annihilates its owner in race down a snowy hill

For something with such little legs, this dog is very speedy! 😮🐶 via ViralHog

Posted by Daily Mail on Friday, December 18, 2020

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