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This dog’s eyes says it all: Can she ever learn to trust again?

Sad looking dog dog-sad
© Animal Rescue Spain - Facebook

Rescue workers are doing everything they can to help an abandoned Galgo trust humans again after she was found wandering the streets in a terrible condition.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 05/01/2021, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Like all dog lovers, the volunteers at Animal Rescue Spain believe that every pooch can form an incredible bond with humans. All they need is the right support and a little bit of patience. 

But the tragic case of Lollipop the Greyhound will push this belief to the limit. What's more, it shows the devastating impact abuse has on a dog's chance to live a happy life. 

Earning Lollipop's trust

Passersby spotted Lollipop wandering the streets on the outskirts of Toledo, Spain. They could tell the pooch was in bad shape, so they called the amazing team at Animal Rescue Spain

Volunteers spent days trying to earn Lollipop's trust, but the pup was clearly terrified of humans. Hunger eventually got the better of Lollipop. And using some tasty treats as bait, the team brought her back to the shelter. 

At last, Lollipop was safe. But this poor pup clearly has a long road ahead of her. Because while no one will ever know what Lollipop has been through, the look in her eyes says it all.

Time is the biggest healer

Staff are now doing their best to make Lollipop feel as comfortable as possible. And once they've treated her physical wounds, they'll start healing the ones that run much deeper.

It will take time for Lollipop to trust, but at least she's got some humans who will never give up on her.