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Watch: Heart-warming footage shows dog saving senior pal who fell into pool

Dog helps pal who's fallen into a swimming pool dog-wow
© Julieta Firpo - Facebook

We sometimes wonder what our pups are up to when we’re not watching – are they as wonderful when we’re not there? This footage has the answer...and it's a tear-jerker...

By Natasha James

Published on the 07/01/2021, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Julieta Firpo was surprised when her 14-year-old senior pup, Luna, meandered into the house soaking wet. 

Luna has failing eyesight and the lower energy levels you might expect from a pup of her advancing years so never took a dip in the family swimming pool, unlike her younger canine brother Caiprinha.

Surprising footage

When Julieta took a look at her security camera, she discovered that Luna hadn’t been for a dip, she’d accidentally lost her footing and fallen into the pool.

And, lacking the dynamism to get herself back out of the pool she was in real trouble. Thankfully, her bro turned up just in time. The footage shows Luna splash into the pool and Caiprinha immediately rush to her aid.

Superhero pup

The pup paces the pool anxiously and then starts to encourage Luna to make her way to the pool steps.

When she gets there, the younger pup grabs her collar with his teeth and helps her to make her way out of the pool.

This gorgeous footage shows the bond between the two pups and answers the question with a resounding, yes, dogs are every bit as wonderful even when we’re not watching!