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Rescuers in awe of abandoned mama dog's courage when she leads them to her pups

A mother dog plays with her pups dog-wow
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Rescuers were in for a surprise when they rescued this malnourished pup and realised she was a brand-new Mama.

By Natasha James

Published on the 05/01/2021, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Shortly before Christmas, rescuers were alerted to a stray dog wandering around and begging for food in the Jaén Plaza University area in southern Spain. It seems that she was quite insistent when it came to begging and turned out she had a very strong motive.

The pup, an Ibizan Podenco, wasn’t easy to catch but when rescuers finally managed to gain her trust, they realised she probably wasn’t alone.

A Mother dog

Upon closer inspection, it appeared that the dog was either pregnant or had recently given birth.

Rescuers took her to a nearby veterinarian who confirmed that she was a new nursing Mama.

Worried for the well-being of her pups, the rescue team headed back to the area but couldn’t immediately find any puppies.

Mama to the rescue

Then, the Ibizan Podenca, whom rescuers named Jimena, took over and led them a few hundred metres away from where she was found to a “burrow”

It appeared that the little dog had dug a whole labyrinth of tunnels to protect her pups. 

The little ones were very well hidden and it took a volunteer with specialist tools to widen the tunnels enough to get the new puppies out who were reunited with their grateful mama.

Watch the video of Mum and pups here

Rosalie y Nora

Ayer tuvimos que separar a Jimena de sus bebés. En la visita al veterinario nos dijeron que, aunque estaba mejor de la tos, pero Jimena tiene una fuerte bronquitis y necesitaba medicación más fuerte, y los bebés no podrían mamar, así que fue el momento de repartirlos en casas de acogida. Aquí tenéis a Rosalie y Nora, dos pizquillos vivos con las que no puedes parar de reír. Ahora tienen unas 5 semanas y serán medianillas. Estarán para adoptar a mediados-finales de enero. Más info: abyda.adopciones@hotmail.com

Posted by Abyda Jaén on Friday, December 18, 2020

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