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Fifth adoption in seven years for Australia’s grumpiest and most ‘demonic’ cat

Shelter cat cat-wow
© RSPCA South Australia - Facebook

Four families had returned him to the RSPCA in just seven years, but despite his demonic reputation, shelter staff were determined to find Chester the cat a new home.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 30/12/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

He’s perhaps Australia’s most unloved feline. Chester, a grumpy eight-year-old cat was described by his last owner as anti-social and a real Jekyll and Hyde character. 

Shelter staff have even described him as ‘demonic’. But that didn’t stop them doing everything they could to find Chester a new home in time for Christmas.

Meet Chester The Grinch

The RSPCA in South Australia were quite familiar with Chester. He had been returned to them an astonishing four times by different families in just seven years.

While staff refer to him as having a bad boy attitude, one former owner said that while the cat was great with their chickens and tolerated the dogs, he attacked their old cat and the neighbours. She even said that visitors to her house would refuse to go in until Chester had been shut away in a room.

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But staff at the shelter had grown quite fond of Chester over the years. He first came to them as a one-year-old stray. They suspected he may have been living rough on the street. Right from the start, he was a stubborn cat but he could also be extremely affectionate when he wanted to be.

Loveable rogue

Shelter staff say that the secret is knowing how to handle Chester. Give him too much attention and he’ll meow and bite you. But this is Chester’s way of telling people that he’s had enough. 

Despite Chester’s mishaps with previous adoptions, shelter staff were determined to find him the right home that would understand and tolerate his quirks. After all, Chester is actually a very friendly and chatty moggy. He’ll sit on your lap for cuddles and strokes, but when he’s had enough, he’ll get up and walk away.

Fortunately, shelter staff have got their Christmas wish and Chester is off to a new home with a lady called Wilma. Wilma is an experienced cat owner and all too aware of Chester’s bad-boy reputation. After hearing about his story, she is determined that Chester will have a forever home with her.

Congratulations Chester!