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Family speechless when they discover why their adopted pet bonded with their dog

Two dogs in field dog-happy
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A pair of adorable canine siblings separated as puppies were reunited just in time for the festive season, proving that Christmas miracles really do happen!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 01/01/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

2020 was looking like a rough year for Jessie. The poor pup had been passed around four different families before ending up back at a Dogs Trust animal shelter in Leeds.

And then, at last, Jessie's luck began to change. She found a home in time for Christmas with dog parents who promised never to let her go again.

"Have we met before?"

But there was one more surprise waiting for Jessie. Because when Jessie arrived at her new home, she met a familiar face from the past. His name was Luther,  and it turned out he was Jessie's long lost brother.

Dog parents Mark and Sarah had noticed Jessie had the same markings as Luther. So they contacted a breeder who confirmed the pair where genuine doggy siblings.

"Their connection was instant. I don't know whether they recognised each other, but they just ran around playing together. There was no apprehension at all," said dog-dad Mark.

The pair are now making up for the years spent apart. In fact, they rarely leave each other's side. 

Can dogs really recognise their siblings or parents after time apart?

"Luther and Jessie just adore each other. They love to chase each other, play tug of war and go for walks together. They're practically inseparable," continued Mark.

Happy ever after 

Amanda Sands is the Dogs Trust rehoming manager who helped Jessie find her new family. She said:

 "Jessie had such a difficult start in life, but we couldn't have written a better 'happily ever after' tale for her."