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TV vet distributes unbelievable prescriptions to nervous patients before surgery

Vet cuddling dog dog-happy
© drrosshenderson - Instagram

A celebrity vet is harnessing the incredible healing powers of snuggles to calm nervous pets during their appointments, proving that love really is the best medicine!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 13/01/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Dr Ross Henderson, star of Animal Planet's Hanging with the Henderson's, shot to fame two years ago after he was filmed serenading a nervous Golden Retriever before her surgery.

The singing vet believes the soothing sounds are a great way to put poorly pooches at ease. After all, animal hospitals can be scary places for our furry friends. 

A dose of snuggles

Now Ross has come up with another method to calm pre-op nerves - cuddles! Ross gives all his four-legged patients an extra-large dose of strokes and snuggles before, during, and after their appointments.

And as well as being super-cute and kind, this adorable new treatment is backed up by science. Research shows that snuggle sessions release a chemical called Oxytocin in both the human and canine brain. 

Often described as the cuddle hormone and love hormone, Oxytocin plays an important role in forming pair bonds. For example, new mothers get a huge hit of Oxytocin shortly after giving birth. 

The science of affection

Oxytocin activates the part of the brain associated with positive emotions. This explains why your dog gazes up at you with those loving eyes as you scratch their sweet spot. They're essentially saying, "That feels amazing. Do more!"

How to make an appointment with a vet

The neuro-chemical also relieves stress and fear, which is why it's doing wonders for Dr Ross Henderson's patients. Now let's hope this type of treatment becomes standard practice for all vets!