Missing cat miraculously returns home to family on special anniversary

Cat and cat owners cat-happy

A missing pet is an owner's worst nightmare, especially when they've already been through a heartbreaking bereavement. But sometimes miracles really do happen.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 27/12/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 23/07/2021, 11:56

Gary and Deb Mosberger are celebrating their very own Christmas miracle and can finally enjoy the month of December after years of heartbreak and grief.

And it's all thanks to their four-legged friend.

Devastating news

On 9 December 2002, Gary and Deb discovered that their beloved youngest son Vinny had died in a car crash. A drunk driver had killed the 18-year-old. Vinny's death left the family devastated, and the family's pets became very important in helping them through their grief.

So when one of their two beloved feline friends goes missing, the couple was heartbroken. Abe and Lincoln had been adopted the year before and had settled in quickly to the family home. It was quite usual for the pair to go in and out of the house through an open window.

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However, one day only Lincoln returned.

They searched everywhere for Abe but couldn't find him. The couple began to worry that they would never see Abe again. As the 18th anniversary of their son's death approached. Deb chose this day to ask him to bring their missing moggy home. As the day went on, Deb convinced herself that Vinny would reunite them with Abe.

Miraculous return

It was early evening when she suddenly heard a strange crying noise outside. She looked out the window and there, to her delight, 5 weeks after disappearing, was Abe. The poor cat was very thin and cried the entire night. He wouldn't leave Deb's side. 

Deb hated December. It was the month her son and her mother died, while her father passed away on New Year's Eve. But now she loves the month again thanks to her Christmas miracle.