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Shelter dogs 'write' adorable letters to Santa asking for a new home this Xmas

Cute dog looking for a home dog-happy
© Animal Care Centers of NYC - Facebook

There's one thing every shelter dog wants this festive season - a forever home. Now a series of video letters to Santa is making these canine Christmas wishes come true!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 24/12/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the Animal Care Centre NYC has one mission - to end animal homelessness in the Big Apple. So far it's rehomed thousands of pooches and prevented many more from ending up in shelters by supporting owners during tough times.

But the centre's amazing staff won't stop working until all the furry residents have been rehomed. And that's why they've launched a new initiative to make sure no pup spends Christmas in a shelter.

A Christmas wish

It's called Letter to Santa, and it is, in a word, adorable! Each letter is a short video of a shelter dog asking Santa for the perfect home this Christmas.

There's a video of Jodie, one of the centre's long-term residents. "I've been on my bestest behaviour," 'writes' the adorable Pittie. "I don't ask for much this year, I promise. I just wish for a new home and a family I can share all my love with!"

Christmas cuteness

And then we've got Patrick, another Pittie with a face you couldn't say no to. "I really want my own family to love," asks Patrick. "Who wants me to be the only animal they'll ever need. P.S. Tell them I also love squeaky toys."

If you can handle the Christmas cuteness, then visit the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) Facebook page to watch all the Letter to Santa videos.