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WATCH: Shocking CCTV catches moment thieves steal Chow Chows Bonnie and Clyde

CCTV footage of dog theft dog-angry
© Dani Lines - Facebook

To experience any type of theft can be devastating, but especially when it's two of your most precious things in the world that heartless thieves have stolen.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 18/12/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Dani Lines lives in the village of Nazeing in Essex with her newborn baby and beautiful Lilac Chow Chow pups.

It had started as just a normal day for Dani. She'd just got home from work and let her dogs, including her Chow Chows, out for a run around in her field behind her house.

Devasting discovery

Everything seemed fine until a neighbour came to tell her that they'd heard the sound of dogs crying and screeching. Dani went outside to check on her pups, and to her horror, she discovered that two of the Chow Chows, Bonnie and Clyde, were missing.

Dani knew that the dogs would never go to a stranger. The sounds the neighbour heard were the dogs screaming as they were dragged away by the thieves. CCTV footage revealed the moment the thieves grabbed the poor pups.

Chow Chows can sell for anything up to £25,000, making them a popular target for dog thieves.


Dani was distraught but knew she had to act fast. After alerting the police, Dani put up posters of the missing dogs, even offering a £15,000 reward for information. She also shared the poster online.

Despite her distress, Dani was able to take comfort in the support she received from complete strangers who walked the streets to help look for the two missing dogs.

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Her online appeals went viral with more than a million shares. Eventually, thanks to the power of social media, police received a tip-off about a potential sighting at a traveller site. The anonymous caller said they'd seen the dogs walked in Potton. This led to a focused search of the area, including the use of police drones.

Finally, there was good news. Bonnie and Clyde were found! A very relieved Dani was thrilled to be finally reunited with her dogs.