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Delighted owner reunited with fur baby eight years after it went missing

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A woman was reunited with her cat eight years after it went missing. She spotted a picture of the missing feline on the Facebook page of a local rescue centre!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 19/12/2020, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Eight years ago, Kristen Williams experienced the one thing all cat lovers like us dread. Her pet kitty, Snickerdoodle, went out on an adventure and never came home again.

Kristen, who lives in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA, did everything she could to find her missing fur baby. She searched the local neighbourhood, put up missing cat signs, and contacted all the nearby rescue centres.

Snickerdoodle goes missing

But nothing worked. And as more and more time passed, Kristen was forced to accept the uncomfortable truth -  Snickerdoodle was gone forever.

Still, Kristen never forgot about her furry friend. And so when she saw a familiar face on The Scratching Post rescue centre's Facebook page eight years later, she couldn't believe her eyes. Snickerdoodle was alive! What's more, she was looking for a new home.

Kirsten contacted the shelter, explained her amazing story, and was reunited with Snickerdoodle a few days later. The pair are now back at home and have picked up right where they left off!

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So what did Snickerdoodle get up to during her eight-year adventure? Well, quite a lot. She had one litter of kittens and was adopted by two different families. The last one had to give her up because of allergy issues.

A wonderful reunion

Jess Moser, a volunteer at the rescue centre, was there when Kirsten arrived to collect the furry wanderer.

"It's amazing," said Moser. "We have never experienced a reunion like this before."

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