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Police officers make unexpected decision when they find abandoned puppies on road

Montage of puppies saved by police in Goodyear, AZ dog-wow
© Goodyear Police Department - Facebook

It is often said that the police are hardened to emotion and sentiment, but the actions of two troopers who came across a litter of abandoned puppies tells a different story.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 16/12/2020, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Last month officers from Goodyear, Arizona, US were tasked to respond to a rancher who had discovered a litter of five puppies near a dirt road. According to the rancher, the puppies seemed to have been abandoned and were inside a small cardboard box.

By the time the troopers arrived, the puppies had made their way from the box. They appeared to be very young, and despite not having any food or water they were in good health.

In the middle of nowhere

The troopers now needed to collect the litter and take them to a nearby vet, but that was easier said than done! The rancher was unable to take in the dogs, and the nearest vet’s hospital was too busy to receive new inpatients.

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Despite now facing somewhat of a brick wall, one of the officers soon received a call from a relative who said they would take in the puppies and look after them.

Good Samaritan

Without further ado, the puppies were taken to the home of the unnamed Good Samaritan, and there they were cared for. Several weeks on, and with the puppies remaining healthy and stable, they were offered up for adoption.

According to ABC15, all five dogs have since found their forever homes with families and officers of Goodyear’s police department.