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French Bulldog gives birth to record breaking number of puppies

Montage of Roxy the French Bulldog and her litter dog-wow
© Laura Fox - Facebook

A French Bulldog owned by a family in Glasgow, Scotland has given birth to a staggering 13 puppies, matching the record set by a dog of the same breed six years ago.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 04/01/2021, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Roxy is owned by the Fox family. When the much-loved French Bulldog fell pregnant, Laura Fox was told by vets that the dog would give birth to between four and six puppies, but no more.

But when the big day came, the four-year-old French Bulldog delivered 13 puppies in what seemed to be a never ending train.

"I didn’t expect this!"

Ms Fox told Glasgow Live, “I was told we'd have four plus puppies - I didn't expect this!

“They just kept coming. It got to eight and I thought 'right, that's her', but nope, she had another five.

“People say 13 is unlucky - not for me.”

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Incredibly, Roxy’s feat of endurance is matched only by one other dog – also called Roxy – which in 2014 gave birth to the same number of pups.

Fox told Glasgow Live that although she is tempted to keep the pups for herself, to have 14 dogs in the house (as well as her own children) would be too much to handle.

The previous record

Roxy #1 hailed from London. All but one of her pups were sold; Roxy #1’s owner Amy O’Connor decided to keep doggy daughter Frankie. A year after the birth, Ms O’Connor arranged a reunion of all of Roxy’s family.

French Bulldogs are expected to have multiple litters, but not to the extent of Glasgow Roxy and her namesake in London. It is large dogs that generally have larger litters, since they are more physically able to withstand multiple gestations.

We send both Roxies our best wishes!