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Former stray with missing leg becomes a cat calendar star

Cat with three legs cat-happy
© mylohops - Instagram

A former stray with three legs has overcome his tragic past to become an online celeb. And he's just landed a modelling job that will help other kitties just like him!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 27/12/2020, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Back in 2016, things couldn't have got much worse for Mylo. He was living as a stray and had a nasty leg infection that was getting worse by the day.

And then, as if by fate, he wandered into the back garden of a good samaritan. The kind-hearted owner fed Mylo some scraps, earnt his trust, and eventually got him to a Cats Protection rescue centre.

A special little guy

The vets did their best but were forced to amputate Mylo's bad leg. Staff could see what a special little guy he was. However, they knew it would be hard to find someone willing to take on a special needs cat.

But then Mylo had his second big stroke of luck. It came in the shape of Sarah Budding. A self-confessed former dog person, Sarah knew she had to offer Mylo a second chance when she stumbled across his story on social media.

"He had endured so much. I couldn't help but take him," said Sarah.

It took time for Mylo to settle into his new life. But thanks to Sarah's love and patience, Mylo realised he could finally be his true self. In fact, he turned into such a little character that Sarah set up an Instagram account to document his antics.

Mylo starts to shine

And because Mylo is such a big show-off, the Cats Protection decided to put him on the front cover of their 2021 calendar. All profits will go towards helping more rescue cats find homes.

"When the opportunity arose to appear in a calendar, I knew Mylo would shine," said Sarah. "He's turned into a real cat-fluencer!"

Not bad for a former stray with a missing leg. Not bad at all!