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Rescue workers shocked when owner explains why he doesn't want this loving cat

Owner hugging cat dog-happy
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A loving kitty dumped at a rescue shelter for being too affectionate has finally found the cat parents he deserves. Now he gets all the snuggles he could ever want.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 28/12/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Jacque is a three-year-old ginger cat with a massive heart. This cute feline is bursting with love, and all he ever wants to do is share it with his favourite people. Sounds purr-fect, doesn't he?

But not everybody thinks so. In fact, Jacque's loving nature is what landed him at the Michigan Cat Rescue Centre.

Jacque loved too much...

And that's because his previous owner - if you can believe this - got annoyed at Jacque for constantly wanting cuddles and lap time! Some people don't know how lucky they are, and some people certainly don't deserve cats like Jacque.

But now, thanks to the fantastic team at the rescue centre, Jacque is living his dream life with a cat mum who is more than happy to soak up all his love. She also gives him plenty back in return.

Jacque gets the family he deserves

Her name is Liz, and she knew Jacque would make the ideal addition to her family. And when Liz isn't around, there are plenty of others willing to cover snuggle duties.

"We just love him so much," said Liz. "He has a fur brother that he has become quite close to. And my 3-year-old grandson just sits and pets him and hugs him."