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Owner shares heartbreaking farewell message from a Pomeranian to his best friend

Golden Retriever and Pomeranian sibling dog-sad
© soyelpequenogranfresh - Instagram

For an owner, the pain of losing a beloved dog is intense but this heart-breaking Instagram post reminds us how painful it can be for a canine sibling too.

By Natasha James

Published on the 21/12/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

In November, Lunes the adorable Golden Retriever crossed over the rainbow bridge in the sky. He was a much-loved dog who had reached a ripe old age but that didn’t come as much consolation to his tiny Pomeranian sibling, Fresh.

The owner of both pups took to Instagram to share the loss through the eyes of Fresh.

A heart-broken pup

The tear-jerking post includes a video of the two pups. Fresh leaps about excitedly and calm old Lunes simply humours his little dog sibling.

The message is written from the perspective of little Fresh and it thanks the older dog for his patience. It says,

"I spent hours trying to get us to play all the time. But I have to confess that you have been the most generous, loyal, honest and good brother I could have had".

Things won't be the same...

It goes on to say,

"This house won't be the same without you, without your barking when something didn't suit you, without that bright white coat that I kept nibbling on." 

According to the Instagram account, Fresh only arrived at the house last July and had a great introduction from older brother Lunes.

We hope little Fresh feels happier soon and we're sure he'll never forget his big brother.