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Lost dog poster is not what you'd expect, and leaves readers heartbroken

Dog poster dog-sad
© Megan Clemens - Facebook

A touching memorial to a late pooch is both warming and breaking the hearts of dog lovers. More importantly, it's reminding them how special their own dogs really are!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 19/12/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Megan Clemens was enjoying a walk with her pet Pomeranian when she noticed something pinned to a tree. From a distance, it looked like a missing dog sign.

But as Megan got closer, she realised it was something far more heartbreaking. It was a memorial poster for Buster, an adorable Golden Retriever that Megan and her pooch would often see during walkies around the neighbourhood.

A heartwarming memorial

Buster's mum, Elizabeth King, put up the posters after her poor pooch passed away following a short battle with cancer. The note read:

 "To know Buster was to love Buster, and boy did I love him. Buster loved the water, running, playing ball, plush toys, avocados, chicken, meeting new friends (dogs and people)."

Elizabeth also paid tribute to Buster's commitment to his favourite human in the world - his dog-mum. The note continued:

"Buster loved me. He always forgave me, always comforted me (even when he was sick), protected me, accepted me, and always stood by my side. May you find a love that does the same."

A bittersweet reminder

As you can imagine, the poster had quite an effect on fellow dog lover Megan. It broke her heart a little, but it warmed it also. After all, this lasting tribute is just another example of how much our dogs mean to us.

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 "My heart sank of course," said Megan. "But the message was so bittersweet. It brought tears to my eyes."