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Woman investigates crying noises outside and left stunned at what she finds

Conifer bush cat-wow
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When a Canadian woman heard the sound of something crying outside, she just had to investigate. But she could never have predicted what she'd find waiting for her.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 11/12/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

It was night time when the kind-hearted lady from Canada heard the desperate cries of something outside. As the sound persisted, the woman knew she couldn’t ignore it so went out to take a look. There, in a bush all alone, was a tiny newborn kitten.

The woman waited with the little Calico kitten in the hope that her mum would return for it. But she never returned. The mother cat had either deliberately abandoned the kitten or dropped her while moving her litter. The little kitten was desperately helpless.

Tiny and weak

The kitten was so young, her little eyes hadn’t even opened yet. The lady scooped up the kitten and contacted a local animal rescue volunteer. As she cuddled up to a hot water bottle, the kitten was taken to animal rescue shelter, Chatons Orphelins Montreal.


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Even though the kitten, named Carla by shelter staff, still had her eyes closed, she was so hungry, she pretty much threw herself at her milk bottle. Despite being as small as a cotton bud and so very young, Carla was proving to be a little fighter.

The little kitten was bottle fed by her foster mum every two hours and Carla loved the chance for extra strokes and tickles. While she still couldn’t see properly, Carla was able to recognise her foster mum by her familiar smell and would cry out for more attention.

Fearless little feline

Carla went from strength to strength. No longer was she a little tiny frail kitten. She had put on weight, gained strength and was proving to be quite a fearless little feline. Once she’d mastered walking and climbing, the adventurous kitten loved to climb furniture and make her own little fort out of pillows.

Her favourite time of day is just before bedtime when she will jump on the bed and curl up next to her human family. It’s fair to say that Carla has her humans wrapped around her little paws and now she has her sights set on finding herself a forever home.


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