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Tired puppy always picks the fluffiest dog to nap on after a hard day playing

Pitbull puppy sleeping on Golden Retriever dog-happy
© brigottfried - Instagram

It’s tiring being a young pup with so much playing to do. So take a tip from Edna and find the softest, fluffiest place to rest your head on, like a St Bernard.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 05/12/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Edna, a Pitbull puppy, spends the day at doggy daycare while her owner Brianna Gottfried is at work. She loves having the chance to run around and play and meet new canine pals.

She’s a typical puppy and likes to run around at full speed for a few hours until she crashes. Then it's time to find somewhere soft and fluffy to take a nap, but not any old cushion or blanket will do for Edna.

Canine cushion

When she's tired and needs to recharge her puppy batteries, Edna goes in search for the softest and fluffiest dog to curl up on for her nap. She usually chooses the bigger dogs such as Golden Retrievers or St.Bernards, but Edna is quite happy with any size as long as they are fluffy.

But don’t worry about the dogs she chooses to nap on, they don’t seem to mind at all. The only problem is that when it’s time for Edna’s owner Brianna to come and pick her up, Edna isn’t keen to move. So Brianna has to peel her off whichever dog she’s chosen to nap on.

Super snoozer

It’s become such a regular occurrence, Brianna decided to share photos of Edna’s napping habits on Instagram and asked her followers whether their dog always picks the fluffiest pups to snuggle up with too.

When she gets home, and there’s not a big fluffy dog around for her to sleep on, Edna will resort to resting her head on a pillow with her tongue hanging out. Meanwhile, Brianna is left to spend her evenings watching her pooch snooze.

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