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WATCH: Heartbreaking moment little girl sings goodbye to her dying cat

Little girl holding ginger cat cat-sad
© bailey_no_ordinary_cat - Instagram

Losing a beloved pet is always heartbreaking for owners, but despite her grief, a little girl called Abby made sure she gave her cat Bailey a very special send-off.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 02/12/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

There's no minimum age to being a cat lover. Regardless of how young they are, a child's love for their furry family members runs deep. When the time comes to say goodbye to their beloved pets, their love can help provide comfort at the most difficult time.

At just four years old, Abby Merryn faced having to say goodbye to the best friend she had known all her life, her ginger cat called Bailey.

Favourite feline friend

Bailey's very own Instagram reveals just what an important member of the family he was. Abby had grown up with Bailey and would love to play dress-up with him and sing to him every chance she got. He let his human sisters give him baths, feed him in a high chair and even rock him in cradles. The family have even written a book about him, "Bailey, No Ordinary Cat".

But sadly, at the age of 14, beautiful Bailey's kidneys were failing, and the family were preparing themselves to say goodbye to their special friend.

You Are My Sunshine

It was clear that the end of his life was fast approaching. So Abby held her beloved Bailey in her arms and sang, "You Are My Sunshine" to him for the last time. Abby's mum Erin filmed the precious moment which she later shared online. Just a few hours after Abby had sung to her special friend, Bailey passed away.

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The family were left heartbroken. Bailey had left a deep paw print on their hearts. But it's not just the Merryn family that was touched by Bailey's uniqueness. After he died, fans from across the world sent well-wishes to the family, with many sending ginger cat toys to the girls in memory of Bailey.

But while the family still miss Bailey, they have since welcomed a new furry feline into their home. Little Carrot.

Rest In Peace, Bailey.