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10 pet sitting testimonials that will have you in stitches

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Pet sitting is a great gig. You look after adorable pets, and make a living. Talk about the best of both worlds! But sometimes, things are a little more complicated than you expect…

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 27/11/2020, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Wamiz UK recently went on a quest to find out whether their followers had some memorable or funny pet sitting stories to tell. Well, let’s just say we did not expect the responses to be so entertaining!

So if you’ve ever looked after someone’s pet while they were away, or if you’re thinking of doing so - then read on. You’re going to want to know what some pets can get up to if you’re not careful!

The disappearing Cockapoo

“My nephew dropped off his black (and very hyper) Cockapoo at our house while he was out of town. One day while we had guests over, I didn’t see her for a while, but assumed she was just out playing with our other dogs. I went into the lounge and saw a dark shape on the couch. I went over to it and called the dog’s name, but it didn't move! Goodness, I thought she was dead! Turned out it was one of our guests’ faux fur coat. Hearing my laughter, my hubby walked in and asked “What’s up?''. When I told him, we both laughed together.”

From: Graham

The dog who loved fireworks

“My son asked me to mind his Springer Spaniel on Bonfire Night in case he became frightened. He spent the whole evening with his head poking out of the cat flap watching - with his tail wagging furiously!!!”

From: June

Cat with the weirdest passion in life

“I went to house/cat sit for a friend and was really looking forward to cuddling with her tortoiseshell cat. Unfortunately for me, her cat was not the cuddling type. But I soon found out how to woo her...nope, not treats! A brush! She just loooooved getting her fur combed! She would ignore me all the time, but as soon as I whipped out the brush, she was right by my side! Such a lovely girl!”

From: Jessie

Panic on the 8th floor

“I was cat sitting for my wife’s parents. When I got home from work, I wanted to make sure the cat, Cowboy, was ok. I called him again and again and again, but he was a no-show. Suddenly, I realised the door to the balcony was slightly ajar...and we were on the 8th floor! I ran out to check and started yelling out his name, so worried that he had jumped off the edge while we were gone. Suddenly, I saw a slight movement on the sofa. I walked over to it and lifted the blanket which was draped over it. There was Cowboy, resting peacefully, though slightly annoyed I’d bothered him. Cats are great at hiding, and you’d do well to remember that if you’re ever looking after one!”

From: Adam

Where’d my food go?

“I was house and cat sitting for a friend. I’d just prepared lunch for myself and sat down at the table. One of the cats, Nina, jumped up on the table and started coming closer. And with one quick move, she ran to my plate and swiped a potato right off of it. She was impossible to catch and I couldn’t find the potato afterwards. The next day she tried again, but I saw her coming from a mile away and stopped her in time!”

From: Adrian

The cat who embarrassed me in front of my crush

“I asked my crush to come look after my kitten while I had to go on a last-minute overnight business trip. As most people did when they saw how cute and little Pepsi was, Ethan sat down on the floor to play with him. I was so excited that my crush was having such a good time at my place. But I guess Pepsi had other plans. With Ethan’s legs sprawled out on the floor, his shorts must’ve looked like a fun tunnel for Pepsi, because he crawled right in there! And he went really far too...if you know what I mean! Ethan was just laughing and laughing at the whole thing, but I was so embarrassed. Seriously, Pepsi?! I was trying to impress this guy!”

From: Penny

A stroke of luck

“I was looking after my granddaughter's Italian Greyhound while she was on holiday. While walking him one day, he got very excited seeing another dog and slipped right out of his collar. I tried calling him back to me but he just kept running further and further away, until he was completely out of sight. I was beside myself and spent the whole day searching, even asking neighbours for help. Hours later, I got a call from the town’s vet clinic. Someone had brought him in, and thanks to his microchip, they were able to reunite him with me! When I met the girls who found him, I realised they looked a lot like my granddaughters, and they said Enzo had run straight to them - he must’ve thought they were his owners! The girls were disappointed the dog belonged to someone and they couldn’t keep him, but I was so relieved I could tell my granddaughters their pet was safe and well!”

From: Mary

The dog who wanted to make a statement

“My boyfriend’s dog Milly came over for us to look after her, sweet as pie and the best behaved doggo...she then sh** on my Misguided order. She’s never sh** in the house, not even as a puppy! Maybe I shouldn't order Misguided again…”

From: Charlie

Wrong place at the wrong time

“I was looking after a colleague’s dog. She usually slept in the living room, so one night, when my boyfriend and I started getting intimate, we weren’t concerned about her. But as we were right in the middle of...getting busy..., her face popped up right in front of mine! The noises had obviously worried her because she looked very confused! Her face was absolutely hilarious, but boy was it bad timing!”

From: Erica

A scene so funny I will remember it forever

“I took a dog I was pet sitting with me to a naked photo shoot I was doing with my rugby team for charity. At first, the dog, Poppy, was being very well behaved and sitting while we went on with the shoot. But as soon as we took a break, she started running around all of us really excitedly, looking for attention. It resulted in a large group of naked women squealing and covering their bits whilst a little dog chased after them on the field. Priceless.”

From: Skye

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