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Shocking: Up to one million dogs could be homeless this Christmas

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“A dog is for life not just for Christmas” as the saying goes but it seems that some aren’t listening and up to one million pups could be homeless this Xmas.

By Natasha James

Published on the 23/11/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

A shocking study carried out by pet food expert Nature’s Menu has revealed that thousands of dog owners have admitted to regretting purchasing their pups, with a whopping one in ten considering putting them up for adoption.

It also showed that 32% felt they didn’t have enough guidance on what pet ownership entailed when they got their pup.

A shocking study

The study comes after a huge rise in the amount of people choosing to adopt or purchase dogs since lockdown began in March.

16% of the 1,000 people that took part in the study purchased their pup on impulse during the stay home orders and many of these are now regretting the move.

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility and people should think long and hard before they take the plunge.

January traditionally sees an uptick in the number of dogs being put up for adoption when new owners realise just how much work goes into taking care of their Christmas gift.

January 2021 is likely to be busier than ever.

Think long and hard before getting a dog

We believe that every dog deserves a loving forever home and urge any potential owners to think long and hard about what it entails before getting a dog.

For those who decide a dog is the right option for them, there are plenty of loving dogs in shelters who are patiently waiting for their forever homes.

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