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Dogs all over the world LOVE listening to first ever Xmas song made for them

Dogs listening to "Raise the Woof" dog-happy
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Christmas is around the corner and the usual flurry of Christmas songs are hitting the radio but this little ditty is an Xmas tune with a difference, it’s been made for dogs!

By Natasha James

Published on the 20/11/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Your dog probably doesn’t pay much notice when you listen to the radio but that could all be about to change with this latest Christmas song as it’s designed especially for dogs.

“Raise the Woof” has commands and dog friendly phrases all set to a reggae-style backdrop. And this is no novelty track, it was recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios.

A hard day's night

According to clever folks who made it, it was two months of hard labour which involved playing a selection of noises and phrases to pups and seeing which they responded best to – sounds like a dream job to us.

Carolyn Menteith, an animal behaviourist told the Express and Star,

Creating a song just for dogs to enjoy with their families seemed an ideal way to bring some light-hearted fun to a difficult year and get tails wagging nationwide.”

Get streaming

Desperate to play it to your pup? The song can be streamed on Spotify and Amazon music and for any musos out there, there’s even a vinyl copy, with all proceeds going to Dudes & Dogs – a community wellness group that encourages men to get out in the fresh air and talk.

Well, it’s certainly made it onto our Christmas playlist.

Watch the video here:

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