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Devastated dog turns up at church everyday for the most heartbreaking reason

A heartbroken pooch proved a dog's loyalty knows no limits after it began turning up at Mass service in the same church where his beloved owner was buried.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 22/11/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Maria Margherita Lochi found German Shepherd cross Tommy when he was just a puppy. The pair formed an incredible bond and hardly spent a day apart during the next seven years. Then tragedy struck. Maria passed away, leaving Tommy without the only owner he's ever known.

Tommy attended Maria's funeral, which was held at a local church in the small town of San Donaci, Italy. A few people tried to offer Tommy a home after the service, but it was obvious that the grieving pooch wasn't ready to forget his favourite human.

Is she ever coming back?

And that became even clearer just a few days later when Tommy began showing up at the church during Mass service.

Now Tommy shows up every single day, lying down only a few metres away from where he last saw his dog mum. He then waits until the service finishes before leaving.

Locals are certain that Tommy is waiting for his owner to return. It's probably Tommy's GSD side that makes him so fiercely loyal, especially since he's only had one owner.

Tommy's dog mum would be proud

Unfortunately, the people of San Donaci can't bring Tommy's dog mum back. But they're making sure this grieving pooch is well-looked after.

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The town got together a few weeks ago and decided to make Tommy the official dog of San Donaci. Now Tommy has dozens of people looking out for him every day. His dog mum would be proud.