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Stray cat and kittens return to woman who helped them to ask for one more favour

Black cat and kittens cat-happy
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A Canadian woman was stunned to see that the stray cat she once helped had not just survived against the odds but also had a litter in tow, who needed her help once more.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 21/11/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Lisianne was in her garden at her home in Québec, Canada, when she spotted a fluffy stray black cat wandering around. The cat seemed very hungry, so Lisianne put out some food and water for her.

Lisianne called the cat Usagi, and the pair quickly got into a routine of Lisianne putting out food each day for her new feline friend. Gradually, Usagi started to trust Lisianne. But while Lisianne was pleased to see the cat enjoy the food, she realised that the cat's tummy was growing and it wasn't down to having regular meals. Usagi was going to be a mum.

Little feline family

When the time came, Usagi gave birth to her litter outside, but she would still come by Lisianne's home for meals. But even as time passed, the new mum decided it was time to introduce her kittens to her friend. One by one, she took each of her 6-week-old kittens to Lisianne's porch, until they were all lined up together.


Lisianne hade märkt hur en fluffig katt hade tagit sig in i hennes trädgård i Québec, Canada. Snart började de få en...

Posted by Djurbibeln on Monday, November 16, 2020

Lisianne was delighted to meet the adorable little feline family. But it was obvious that they needed help and encouraged the cats to come into her house.

Forever homes

Lisianne then phoned Chatons Orphelins Montreal rescue group who agreed to take the kittens. Lisianne decided to keep Usagi who she had spayed, and a friend adopted one of the kittens. The rest of the litter, meanwhile, went to the shelter.

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It soon became clear that Usagi had asked for help just in time. The remaining kittens all had conjunctivitis and were struggling with their breathing. Fortunately, the vet was able to treat them, and the kitten's health quickly improved.

The five remaining kittens are now waiting to find their forever homes. Thanks to Usagi's care and Lisianne's kindness, the kittens can now look forward to a happy and healthy life in comfort.

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