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Which dog breeds have gained the most weight during lockdown?

An overweight retriever lies on a wooden floor dog-wow
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A pop survey of around 1,700 dog owners reveals the tendency of certain breeds of dog to put on weight. The survey could inform dog owners in the event of more lockdowns.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 13/11/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Dog Friendly Retreats - a specialist platform that advertises British and Irish holiday lets accommodating of dogs - has unveiled its latest research. The recent survey took place amid the first British lockdown and continued throughout the post-lockdown months.

Of the 1,700 owner-respondents, Dog Friendly Retreats asked whether dogs had gained weight and the reasons for the weight gain.

Results are in

According to Psychology Today, which ran a small article on the survey, the following weight-gain trends were seen:

These five breeds were the ones most noticeably plump by the end of the first lockdown period. Of the reasons for such a weight gain, more than half of the owners questioned admitted that it was probably due to their spending more time with their dogs due to not being at work.

33% of respondents blamed a lack of exercise. During the UK’s first lockdown, travel was significantly curtailed, and people felt less inclined to venture out.

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Small dogs watch out

While these weight gains do not seem overly excessive, we should remember that smaller dogs tend to gain weight more easily even when there is no lockdown. The 3.8lb average gain of the French Bulldog for instance should be a concern of owners of the breed.

Over half of Britain’s dog population is overweight. Lockdown or no lockdown, a regimen of exercise, normal portions of dog food and minimal treats is the best way forward. Junk food and overeating may lead to a dog’s untimely death.

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