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Pomeranian puppy collapses after eating wild mushrooms during walk

Cute pomeranian dog-wow
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A Pomeranian fell seriously ill after eating mushrooms during a forest walk. The pup recovered, but his owners are warning others about the dangers of wild mushrooms.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 18/11/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Capone is an adorable little Pomeranian who lives in Hesse, Germany, with his family - the Eschweges. Like all good owners, the Eschweges make sure Capone gets his daily walk. And on weekends, they treat him to an exciting walk through a nearby forest.

Capone loves these adventures. And although this munchkin has only got tiny legs, he bounds through the forest lke a big dog - or at least that's what he thinks. But a recent outing almost ended in tragedy after Capone decided to munch on some wild mushrooms when his parents weren't looking.

When walkies go bad

The mushrooms - often referred to as Bald Heads - are extremely toxic to dogs. Poor little Capone began vomiting almost instantly. He then collapsed and began experiencing violent convulsions.

Bald Head mushrooms © Shutterstock

His quick thinking owners scooped up their poorly pooch and rushed him to the animal hospital. Thankfully, Capone's dog mum remembered what the mushrooms looked like, making the vet's job much easier.

Capone makes a full recovery

The vet gave Capone something to clear out the toxins and kept him overnight for observation. The pup then went home the next day. Capone's owners said he seemed a little 'off' at first. But you can't really blame him. Bald heads contain a powerful hallucinogenic similar to LSD.

Capone is now back to his old self and showing no signs of his ordeal. He's even loving walkies again, although his humans keep a closer eye on him at all times. They're also advising other pooch lovers to do the same.