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Watch: Dog meets cat on a walk and just can't believe it

Montage of cat meeting GSD cat-happy
© bastfuriends - TikTok

The Australian owner of a Bengal cat was recently tickled by a dog’s reaction to her cat. User @bastfuriends has trained her cat to walk on a lead.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 14/11/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

The video shows the moment Bengal Alfie encounters a German Shepherd while out for a walk. Alfie’s owner made the decision to train Alfie during kitten-hood to walk on a lead.

The dog appears to make several attempts to befriend the cat, but is unsure. For a feline that is faced with a dog such as this, Alfie seems relaxed.

TikTok gigglers

According to the Daily Star, @bastfuriends decided to train Alfie in order to protect him from danger, and to prevent him from hunting local wildlife.

The clip has been watched 300,000+ times by the TikTok community. One user comments, “Doggo doesn’t quite know what to make of kitty but definitely positively curious”; someone else writes, “That dog is just like why is a cat out here?! This is great!”

Leashing is great

To train a cat to walk on a lead has several advantages. A cat that is trained to walk with its owner is less likely to fall foul of bigger predators or more dominant cats. To leash your cat is also a great way to prevent the cat from bothering wildlife.

What type of cat would you suit? Here are some of the differences between an indoor and outdoor cat.

In the UK, hundreds of rare and endangered species of bird and mammal are killed each year by domestic cats with the freedom of the outdoors. The cats might be doing what comes naturally but their love of roaming can, in some areas, be a nuisance.

It is the owner’s responsibility to control their cat and to be mindful of the plight of wildlife.

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