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WATCH: Komondor (mop dog) mum plays with her puppies and its mesmerising

Is it a mop and some rags? No, it's a Komondor mum playing with her adorable little puppies (or moplings, if you will), in a clip that's won the internet's heart.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 10/11/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

If you are looking for something to smile about today, then a clip of a canine mum and her pups posted on Reddit will definitely do just that.

But you'll notice something a little different about this canine family and it's got Redditors transfixed. The mum dog looks like a giant mop!

Mop mum and her rag puppies

The clip posted on Reddit shows a Komondor scampering around a garden with her three little black pups.

Komondors are often referred to as 'mop dogs' for their long dreadlock-like coat.

The mother looks as if she is having the most fun as she challenges her puppies to chase after her, although the puppies seem more interested in exploring the garden then running after their mum. Her thick dreadlocked coat shakes around as she runs around the puppies, almost concealing her eyes and legs. But she certainly looks like she's having a lot of fun entertaining her pack!

Mop park

Redditors have been quick to comment on the clip. Many have been keen to ask about the upkeep of the coat and how often it needs grooming. Others sound simply mesmerised by the sight of the mop-like dog, with one saying, "I don't want to own one, but I do want to hug one," while another suggested "Welcome to mop park" as an alternative title of the clip.

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