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Joe Biden comes up with the perfect response to critics and adopts a dog in need

joe biden with pet dog dog-wow
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When it comes to presidential hopefuls, most people want to hear about policies. But we've only got one question for any politician looking for our vote: do you love dogs?

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 04/11/2020, 13:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Joe Biden does. The president-elect is the proud owner of two dogs - a German Shepherd called Major and his brother Champ.

Champ is the big brother and has been by Biden's side since he was a little pup. But not everybody was impressed by Biden's decision to adopt Champ from a commercial breeder, including several leading animal rights organisations.

Biden steps up

Good politicians listen to their critics. And so when Biden decided it was time to find Champ a baby brother, he ignored the professional breeders and promised to rehome a rescue dog.

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He came in the shape of Major - another German Shepherd who'd had a pretty rough start in life. He was part of a litter of six puppies who'd been exposed to chemical toxins. In fact, poor little Major was still receiving special treatment in a doggy hospital when the Biden family decided to add him to the pack. 

Sibling rivalry

That was back in 2018, and Champ and Major have been living the perfect dog life ever since. In fact, they're becoming famous - Major will be the first rescue dog EVER to make it into the White House!

Not only that, but after 4 years of Trump, dogs are making a comeback in the White House! And people could not be happier. Upon hearing the news, dog lovers all over the world started to make comments:

"they protecc, they attacc, but most important, they bring democracy bacc", one said.

"Bout time we had a dog back in the White House!!!", said another.

But there is one thing they need to sort out. Now that dad is President, which one of these gorgeous pups will be the first dog of the United States of America?

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